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Checkpoint is a plugin that mostly aims to improve administrator quality of life and add a lot of handy/missing administration functionality to Clockwork. 'Administration' here should be taken in a somewhat broader sense and not just that of moderation. Checkpoint started out mostly aimed at moderation, but in it's current version it provides more than just tools to keep players in line and bad players from disturbing roleplay. How does Checkpoint do all that? Well, here's an overview of it's features: * **Commands:** There's things like a unified admin chat, admin helps, announce, administrative commands like respawn, teleport, slay, set health and so on (all of which can be used from the scoreboard as well) and some extras like clear decals, freeze props, play sound and stop sound. * **Player Records:** First time someone joins, whenever they are kicked, banned or warned, any notes the admins add, all stored nicely on their player record. And with a player's SteamID you can still read their record when they are not on the server. * **Easily Modified:** Most of the coding has been done with the thought in mind that not everyone wants the same thing. There's plenty of comments, hook calls, usage of the config or otherwise the option library to make it easy to change pretty much anything, without ever touching the Checkpoint plugin itself to keep updating it easy. It's even safe to use with lua refresh turned on (in case Clockwork ever gets fixed to work with that). * **Death notifications:** Notifications for whenever someone dies and what killed them in chat. Useful to keep track of things in firefights or events to hand out PK's or injuries. * **Prevent punchwhores:** Config option to disable punches from doing damage to other players. Never have someone screaming in OOC about being punchwhored ever again. * **Chat icons:** All notifications from Checkpoint use nice little icons to go with them. And on top of that, there's the option to set icons for the owner, admins, developers and set custom icons for players. Icons will also show in LOOC, PM's, admin helps and admin chat instead of only in OOC. It adds a nice finishing touch. * **Adjusted join notifications:** It will say if someone is an operator, admin, super admin or the owner when they connect. This will make it easier for new players to know when someone joins whom they might need. * **Anonymous messages disabled** in various OOC chats. No more PM's from 'somebody'. I likely forgot a few things here and there, but that's most of it right now. If you got any ideas, or find any bugs, don't hesitate to contact me.

30-05-2016 17:38:29 Jacobonix - When the server and poceeds to download the plugin, says that the addon has no "plugin.ini" and skips it. I'm forced tu use the checkpoint plugin published 2 years ago in the forum D:
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