With the addition of this website plugins are now automatically downloaded onto your server and placed in the correct folders! All you have to do is verify your serial key in your profile and then find a plugin and click the serial you want to add it to on the menu on the plugins page.

To upload plugins you will have to sign in with steam, click My Profile and then click Add Plugin, you'll have to follow the steps and then add your zip file at the end.
It's important to note that your plugin zip must be in a specific format. View that in Help #3

Due to the automation of plugins now, zip files must bein a specific format, this help explains this.
Only ZIP files are allowed, no RAR or .7z etc
In the ZIP file you will have the plugin folder and nothing else,, within that plugin folder you will have the plugin.ini and a folder called plugin. Below is the correct format. This is from the root of the zip.
Correct Format

Plugins are uploaded as unverified until a admin reviews the plugin, this is done manually to confirm the plugin. If you really want it verified bug an admin.

Please contact trurascalz making note of what you were doing and any data you submitted to the website. A forum thread is available.

Here is how to use the tags to format your description:
<br> This acts as a line

<code> This acts as a code eg, the format that these tags are in. use <code>This text will be in code form</code>
<p> This is a fancy line break really. <p> This text will be in a paragraph </p>
<a> This is to add links. use <a href="URL GOES HERE"> The text to represent the URL </a>
<b>This boldends text <b> BOLD TEXT </b>
<big>This gives Bigger Font Like me <big> TEXT HERE </big>
<h2> This gives


<h2> TEXT HERE </h2>

Premium Plugins are a new addtion to the Plugin Center, upon adding a new plugin you can specify wether to make people pay for it.
CloudSixteen will take a faction of the payment for the use of our facility but the rest of the payment will be made to you.
The user will submit payments to the 'main' account deemed, "Cloud Sixteen" and a 'secondary' payment will be made to the 'author'.
All plugins that are submitted for Premium status will have to be verified by the staff at Cloud Sixteen to be deemed 'working' and 'functional'.
These plugins should be without major bugs or issues. The 'author' will have full responsibility for the state of the plugin. Non working plugins will be rejected.